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Pink Eames DSW Stool

Pink Eames DSW Stool

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The iconic Eames DSW Stool – now in a dreamy, fresh hue of pink and bold, wooden legs – is a classic homage to modern furniture design. With a splash of color and timeless style, these stools are perfect for the home or office. Constructed from an injection-molded polypropylene seat, these stools feature an organic, welcoming shape and contouring that make them comfortable for extended wear. Built for durability and long-lasting wear, the iconic design of the Eames DSW Stool is versatile and perfect for any décor.

The seat of the stool is crafted from a thick, durable polypropylene material that possesses great strength and resists cracking and fading due to wear. The sleek shape and sturdy construction keep the seat in place while allowing minor flexibility to it. The pink hue of the Eames DSW Stool instantly brightens up a room with its feminine, romantic color and is perfect for those looking to add some stylish flair to the modern home or office.

The four legs of the Eames DSW Stool feature an entirely different construction and material strength than the seat. The wooden legs of the stool provide support and stability while also bringing an added level of style to the stools’ design. The warm color of the wood help to contrast with the sleek seat – creating an eye-catching combination. The craftsmanship of the seat and legs combine to offer a contemporary, yet timeless piece that will be admired for years to come.

The solid construction of the stool offers the user a strong, supportive piece of furniture to sit and relax in comfort. The detachable parts of the Eames DSW Stool make it simple to assemble and disassemble as needed. Each part is designed to stay in its perfect place and fit snugly within the entire stool for easy installation and maintenance.

The timeless design of the Eames DSW Stool in a modern, feminine hue lends itself to a any room with its subtle yet eye-catching style. Perfect for a comfortable seat in the living room or office, the Eames DSW Stool is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. With its bold, wooden legs and injection-molded seat – this chic stool will be around for many years to come.

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